The Navigating Success movement is led by local teams comprising of Micronesian community leaders, college students, and friends from local government agencies, schools, businesses, churches. While we are building a statewide movement of support for Micronesian youth, all the local teams are independently led based on local realities.

Hawaii Team

The Hawaii Island Planning Committee is led by members of the Micronesians United – Big Island (MU-BI) with membership from from various sponsoring organizations, student leaders, and university faculty / staff.

Oahu Team

The Oahu Planning Committee is led by We Are Oceania (WAO) and the UH Manoaʻs Micronesia Connections student organization and comprises of community leaders, college students, and other allies.

Consultant & Webmaster

The Navigating Success leadership team is supported by Vidalino Raatior, a Micronesian, dad / husband, international educator, social entrepreneur, web designer, consultant, and doctoral student at UH Manoa as part of his Pacific Focused project.