The Hawaii Island Planning Committee comprises of volunteers from various sponsoring organizations, student leaders, and university faculty / staff and led by the Micronesians United – Big Island (MU-BI) team. Join us.

  • Jermy Uowolo: Micronesians United – Big Island (MU-BI) – chairman
  • Tim Hansen:Hawaii County Office of the Prosecuting Attorney
  • Nerie Padamada: Hilo – Waiakea Area Complex
  • Steven Martin: Gongfuball Academy of Academic Development (GAAD)
  • Tulpe Day: Hawaii County Immigration Information Office / Treasurer, MU-BI
  • Craig Severance: UH Hilo Anthropology Department / MU-BI
  • Megan Yarberry: Blue Zones Project
  • Andrew Polloi: UH Hilo Counseling Services / Vice President, MU-BI
  • Ginger Hamilton: Director, UH Hiloʻs Minority Access & Achievement Program
  • Talaite Petrowski: Coordinator, UH Hilo’s Pacific Islander Student Center
  • Vidalino Raatior: Pacific Focused

Volunteer Team Leaders

Our various volunteer teams are led by these college student leaders:

  • Lisa Abraham – Rengechel: Community Outreach Team
  • Jacob Kom: Registration Team
  • Felicia Andrew: Hospitality Team
  • Axel Defngin: Media Team
  • Buster Fritz: Music / DJ Team
  • Therese Kimnoy Aten: Resource Fair Team
  • Sione Lan Yuen, Jr: Evaluation Team
  • Cheryll Ligohr: Workshop Team


  • Vid Raatior: Pacific Focused & Raatior Design